The Benefits Of Using Epoxy Grout

Do you know why many people prefer using epoxy grout for tile application as compared to cement grout?  Epoxy grout is made with epoxy resins and filler powder hence making it extremely durable and stainproof.

If you use regular grout, it can end up absorbing water and getting stains, unlike epoxy grout.  Not only does using epoxy grout provides your tiles with a better look but also offers you with many other benefits. In this article, I’m going to provide you with some of the benefits of using epoxy grout.

Ease Of Cleaning

Many homeowners find cleaning grout one of the most tiresome work. The moment you use cement grout, you will end up attracting more dirt, and this makes it pretty difficult to clean. You end up spending a lot of time cleaning it without any positive results. When you are using epoxy grout, you will find it a simple task cleaning. It does not absorb stains like cement grout, hold on to dirt or even slurp up grease.

Low Absorbency

Epoxy grouts are highly resistant to water, unlike sand and cement grouts. The water will stay on the top until it is cleaned. It is very important to use epoxy grout in areas that are prone to water like the bathroom, kitchen and outdoors so that no water will be absorbed. Get the best products that are environmentally-friendly and chemical-free.


I have used regular grout, and it is gritty or rigid. Epoxy grout is not rigid, and this is why many people prefer it because of its durability and elasticity. This is the best product to use in any commercial building because it is shrink-proof and moves with the building depending on the weather. If you have an industrial kitchen and want to achieve easy cleaning, the only solution is using epoxy grout.

Long Run Cost

Epoxy grout is resistant to stains, durable and is not damaged by water. These are some of the things that make it expensive as compared to other grouts on the market but it is worth buying. It works well especially for bathrooms and kitchens, and it doesn’t require a sealer. In the long run, you will end up saving more money.

Using epoxy grout requires the help of an expert because it ‘s hard to work with. Even if you love DIY projects, it is not advisable to try epoxy grout without the help of a professional to avoid being messy when you are working.

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