How to Reverse a Vacuum Cleaner to Inflate

Whether you’re out camping or have invited your friends for a night out, an air mattress is the most appropriate and suitable option. These handy mattresses are specially created to aid the people to experience the most comfortable and a long-lasting sleep. Any kind of machine that is designed to blow air can possibly be utilized to inflate your air mattress. However, when it comes to a huge pool float or an inflatable bed, neither the automatic pump nor the manual pump can work to blow air in your mattress.

But no need to worry now as using the most powerful central vacuum cleaner can aid you to fill in the air in your mattress effectively. Nowadays, most of the vacuum cleaners come with a ‘blow’ function apart from their main ‘suck’ function. So all that you are required to do is just hold the blower or nozzle up to the valve or air hole and initiate blowing to inflate your air mattress. However, blowing air from your lungs isn’t that easy how it seems to be. You would definitely end up getting exhausted.

Hence, the best possible way to blow air into your mattress is by reversing your vacuum cleaner to inflate. Now the question arises ‘How to reverse a vacuum cleaner to inflate?’ Here is the detailed guide:

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Step 1: If you’re having an upright, cite it at the spot where your bag is connected to the vacuum within your vacuum bag section. There exist some upright vacuum cleaners that possess a plastic fitting at the location where your bag connects. On the other hand, the rest of the vacuum machines come with a switch that is known for reversing the airflow. So have a look at your vacuum cleaner to ascertain if your machine has a hose. Take out the vacuum bag and separate the hose from the same (hose is generally flexible in nature so detaching it from your vacuum model won’t be a complicated task).

Step 2: Take your vacuum cleaner into a patio or a garage. Alternatively, you can get it to the driveway (if the garage and patio are far away from your residence). Prior to plugging in the vacuum, it’s highly advisable to point it away from the spot you’re standing at. Finally, plug in the machine and turn on the same to blow air, dust, and filth out of the machine. Let the vacuum operate this way for at least 2-3 minutes to eliminate the entire dust and particulate matter and clean the machine appropriately.

Step 3: Cut the parts of duct tape to fasten the hose to the opening portion where you separated the vacuum cleaner bag from the machine. Make sure to seal the same tightly to avoid air leakage from it. if you’re a wet-dry vacuum, it will become quite effortless to connect the hose utilizing a duct tape straight to the vacuum’s exhaust fitting, sealing the opening firmly.

Step 4: Using the utility knife, remove the bottom portion of the water bottle along with the plastic cap. Tightly connect the bottom edge of the plastic bottle to the edge of your vacuum hose using a duct tape. Make sure to seal the attachment as securely as possible.

Step 5: Cut down the extra parts of duct tape, as required, to utilize in fastening the top of the bottle to the product you desire to inflate. Though the seal should be airtight, make sure that it should be easily removable.


This way you can easily blow in air to any mattress using the vacuum cleaning machine. Though inflating your item through a vacuum model isn’t a complicated task, it is advisable to opt for the assistance of a professional if you aren’t familiar with a vacuum. All the best!


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