How To Use A Wheel Barrow

A wheelbarrow is a manual tool because it doesn't have any motorized part. Not only should you purchase the best wheelbarrow but you should also know how to use it well to get the best performance. If you use a wheelbarrow wrongly, you might end up injuring yourself.

You need to understand that when you are using a wheelbarrow, you are trying to manage a heavy load on a single wheel, therefore, you should be very careful. You do not have to overload the tool such that you lose control when pushing it. Always carry a considerable amount of load that you can handle without any difficulty.

To help you achieve an optimum performance from your wheelbarrow, read the following tips that will help you know about how to use your wheelbarrow the right way.


I know that you want to speed up the process so that you can make less trips but this doesn't mean that you should put an amount of load that is difficult to handle. You should load the wheelbarrow with an amount of load that will give you an easy time especially when you are turning or pushing on a hill. Again, if you are carrying large loads, make several trips.

Holding The Handles

How you hold the handles of the wheelbarrow determines how smooth or rough your ride will be. The correct way to hold the handles is to raise them and lower them. Your back should be straight and your knees bent. You should also ensure that you maintain a firm grip on the handles for the best performance.

Balancing Your Load

When you are using a wheelbarrow, you should ensure that you balance the load over the wheel to achieve a better control. Additionally, you should control your speed, so you do not have to over speed and end up falling. When you find that you have control of the wheelbarrow, the best thing you can do to avoid injuring yourself is letting go the handles. If there are people around you, you should also alert them to avoid more damages.


If you do it wrongly, you might end up falling with the wheelbarrow. You should lift the handles until you get a comfortable underhand grip. Once you have done that, push the handles quickly forward and dump the load. In case the weight of the load is too heavy to dump, you can lessen it with a shovel for easy dumping.

Other Things You Should Know When Using A Wheelbarrow

  • Ensure that the tire is fully inflated
  • Keep the wheel bearing lubricated with grease
  • Make sure most of the weight is over the wheel
  • Always ensure that you point the wheelbarrow to the direction you want to go
  • Keep your wheelbarrow away from aisles and stairways

Final Words

Most people end up getting the worst performance because they do not know how to use a wheelbarrow. The next time you are planning to carry some loads, take note of the tips I have covered above, and you will be guaranteed of a better performance when working with your wheelbarrow.

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